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June 27, 2011

GreenGeeks Promo

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June 12, 2011

Exploring GreenGeeks Dedicated Hosting

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Dedicated hosting is one of the many hosting options available for people choosing a web hosting company and hosting plan to host their website or blog. Dedicated hosting, a popular choice among many large businesses and corporations, is one of the most expensive kinds of hosting plans available. Dedicated plans are more expensive because they are exactly as their name suggests, entirely dedicated to an individual client.

A client with a dedicated hosting plan is leasing the entire server for their use only. Dedicated hosting is popular among large businesses and organizations because they are given more control over the server than they would be with a shared server plan. A dedicated hosting plan lets the client choose the operating system, software, hardware and gives them administrative control.

In many cases, a dedicated hosting plan comes with different levels of support and management depending on the web hosting company and which plan the client has chosen. Dedicated servers are also known as being secure and reliable, both of which are important to large businesses and corporations hosting large websites which sometimes contain secure and private information. One example would be an e-commerce website that takes people’s personal and credit card information.

Many web hosting companies allow their clients to choose which operating system to use with their dedicated servers. Typically, this comes at no extra charge to the client. Allowing the option of choosing the operating system whether it is Linux or Unix, etc. gives the client more control over the server and makes the server more customizable. Clients also have the option of administrative access which means they have access to the control panel. This allows clients to add and remove software on the server, set up routine scans and back-ups to suit their needs, and modify the server as they see fit.

Each dedicated web hosting plan is different according to which web hosting company is being used. Most web hosting companies offer different levels of management at different prices. Management levels include fully managed – management is left in the hands of the web hosting company, managed – the web hosting company and clients share management responsibilities, self-managed – clients are responsible for most management and unmanaged – clients are responsible for all management.

Most web hosting companies provide lots of security for their dedicated servers. The servers are generally kept in data centers. Data centers are large facilities and often times have powerful security systems in place, security guards on duty and fire prevention systems. Besides keeping data centers secure, web hosting companies run scans on the servers to look for problems and prevent problems from occurring, scan for viruses, and setup firewalls to keep the server safe from hackers and spammers.

The cost of a dedicated hosting plan largely depends on the services and features offered by the web hosting company. Different levels of management make the cost of the plan go up and down, as do the number of features and space on the server. A dedicated server with lots of disk and storage space or a plan with a high amount of bandwidth costs more.