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May 14, 2011

An Overview of GreenGeeks VPS Hosting

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There are many types of hosting plans available for clients looking for a web hosting company to host their website. With so many different plans to choose from it can be difficult for the beginner to choose a plan that is best for them. VPS hosting, which stands for virtual private server hosting, is best for clients that need access and use of their own private server.

A virtual private server is not shared by several clients, which is why it is referred to as a private server. Clients use VPS hosting for several reasons including needing a large amount of server features and needing a server that can provide file transfers at high rates of speed. On a virtual private server all bandwidth, disk space, RAM, etc. is given to a sole client.

This is important because only one client has access to the server and their service cannot be affected by another client. This means one client cannot use more than his or her fair share of the allotted space on the server, which can slow down another clients website. Virtual private servers are more reliable, secure and provide clients with more control over the server.

VPS hosting is more reliable because the client knows exactly how much of each feature they are given. For instance, each client with a VPS hosting plan knows they get a certain amount of bandwidth each month. The client knows they cannot go over this amount and that no other client can dip into their bandwidth allotment. This keeps the data being transferred from the server to the website and back consistently.

VPS hosting is secure because as mentioned above, the server cannot be accessed by another client. No features, information or data is shared. One client cannot tap into another’s server and steal, change or delete files and data. Since only one client has access to the VPS, they have administrative control. This means they have access to the control panel and can make changes and add or delete applications as they see fit.

A virtual private server is also more energy efficient then other types of servers. A VPS consists of one large computer that has been partitioned off into several servers. A good way to understand this is to picture a pie sliced into wedges. Each wedge represents a single server with its own features and control panel. This is energy efficient because it takes less energy to run a VPS with eight partitions then it would be to run eight completely separate servers.

Once the large computer has been partitioned off into several servers, the servers are referred to as virtual machines. One benefit that many clients find appealing is the fact that each VPS can run on its own operating system. This makes this type of server more versatile because clients can choose between operating systems such as Linux and Windows to better suit their needs. This also means the server can be rebooted when the need arises without affecting another client with a server on the same large computer.