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March 21, 2011

Getting to Know GreenGeeks Shared Hosting

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Shared web hosting is one of the most popular types of web hosting plans available through many web hosting companies. Shared web hosting has many characteristics as well as upsides and downsides. One characteristic that many people that choose to go with a shared web hosting plan like is the low cost.

Shared web hosting is when many clients use the same server. This means one shared server is responsible for holding many websites and keeping them up and running. Each client can keep their website separate from other clients on a shared server but the client does not have full control over the server. This type of web hosting plan is affordable because many clients on the one server share the cost of using the server, managing it, and keeping it running.

Not being able to have full control over the server does not work for every client. Some clients see this lack of control as an upside because they do not need to spend time or worry about maintaining the server, keeping it updated, and monitoring it for security and performance reasons.

On the other hand, some clients view the lack of control as a downside because they need access to the control panel and need more control over the server. Control over the server can include scheduling different tasks, backups, installing new software and applications, etc. Having more control means more responsibility. It also creates a unique and customized server for the individual client.

Clients that choose a shared web hosting plan typically are not hosting large websites that allow a lot of interaction from visitors. On a shared server, features are limited. This means the hosting client is only able to use so much bandwidth, disk space, RAM, and file transfers per month. This is because bandwidth and disk space must be shared by all clients on the server. This is another reason why shared web hosting is cheaper than other types of web hosting such as dedicated.

Clients with a shared web hosting plan cannot customize the control panel, which is used to perform functions. This means a client cannot do things such as set the control panel to run an automatic scan at a certain time of day or change the theme of the control panel. The web hosting provider keeps the majority of control over the control panel.

Besides GreenGeeks hosting, there are many web hosting companies in the United States and throughout the world that offer shared hosting plans. When choosing a plan it is important for a client to consider price, basic and additional features, customer/techinical support, and guarantees offered by the web hosting company.

Additional features include web building tools and free templates. Guarantees offered by web hosting companies consist of a 30 day money back guarantee and uptime percentages. Uptime percentages are the guaranteed amount of time the company promises the servers will be up and running. It’s also important to consider how easy and costly it will be to upgrade between plans, should the need arise.