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February 9, 2011

Using WHM and GreenGeeks Hosting

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Cpanel, a popular and commonly used control panel for web hosting is home to WHM, which stands for web host manager. A web host manager is considered the center for control in cPanel. For web hosting clients, using cPanel and WHM are an important and necessary part of web hosting.

A web host manager is the glue that holds cPanel together. It can be used for many things such as monitoring bandwidth and service to see how much is being used on a month to month basis, managing different types of accounts such as e-mail and FTP, monitoring disk space usage and much more.

There are many functions that go into creating a website and hosting it. By using cPanel and WHM, clients can easily manage their websites. Cpanel and WHM can be used by those new to the hosting world and by professionals. It is easy to use WHM because the client basically clicks a few buttons and WHM does the work for them.

A list of the functions that WHM handles includes creating a new account, listing accounts, terminating an account, creating a skeleton directory, making changes to an account, downgrading or upgrading an account, limiting the amount of bandwidth that can be used, viewing the amount of bandwidth being used, suspending or un-suspending an account, creating a list of suspended accounts, modifying a suspended account page, changing an account’s password, quota modification, listing domains and enabling or disabling sub domains.

Each client that uses cPanel and WHM can change its theme. Themes are a part of every cPanel control panel and change the way the control panel looks and feels to the client. The theme of a web host manager is called a GUI or graphical user interface. Cpanel and WHM can have different themes. Parts of a theme include the background color of the control panel, logo and changing how cPanel and WHM looks and is used. There are many established cPanel and WHM themes to choose from.

A web host manager is considered to be a web application that has many features and can perform a wide variety of functions. Generally, a hosting client will use WHM for server setup to manage accounts, server status used to display the status of the server and other information, account functions used to create and manage web hosting accounts including editing them, themes as described above, packages used to create individual web hosting packages, DNS functions for managing DNS, FrontPage including installing and uninstalling extensions, cPanel4 used to manage cPanel accounts, and SSL/TLS used to manage SSL certificates.

For clients, using cPanel and WHM come at no cost to them. Typically, the web hosting company purchases cPanel and WHM and allows their clients to use the control panel and web host manager for free as part of their web hosting plan. Thanks to cPanel and WHM, web hosting clients can make changes to their webpages or create entirely new ones using tools that are easy to use and trusted. Since many web hosting companies go with cPanel and WHM, clients that switch web hosting companies do not need to become familiar with a new control panel.