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January 25, 2011

Getting Started with GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting

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Making money, whether as a supplemental income or starting a web hosting company using reseller hosting must start with packaging. When it comes to reseller hosting, packaging refers to the reseller sectioning off parts of their reseller hosting plan and creating multiple hosting plans of their own.

Before the reseller creates a package, he or she must look at their plan as a whole. This includes what their plans consist of such as bandwidth, disk space, e-mail and more. Also, the reseller must take a good look at what they are paying for the reseller hosting plan so they can charge enough money for their packages to cover the cost of their plan and make money at the same time.

The reseller must figure out how much disk space and bandwidth, etc. they are going to offer to their clients. This is where creating different plans comes in. A reseller can create one basic level plan or they can create many plans at different levels. Resellers that create plans at different levels allow their clients to use more space on the server as the level of the plan increases. Also as the level of the plan increases, so does the amount of money the reseller charges for the plan.

Whether the reseller client uses GreenGeeks hosting or another web hosting company, they must add a new package or packages once they have the details sorted out. Once the new package is created, the next step is to add features to the package. The features are what their clients can use. It’s important to name different packages so potential clients can get a gist of what they will be paying for at first glance of the package name.

Basic features included in hosting packages include bandwidth, disk space, RAM, allotted e-mail accounts and domain names, etc. After adding the features to the package, the next step is to assign the amount of space for each feature. This means adding MB or GB to the package, for example, 1000 MB of bandwidth. Next, the reseller must figure out how much space is allotted to each client per package on a monthly basis.

Generally, hosting plans have a set limit of the amount of space an individual client can use on the server on a month to month basis without going over. Referring to the example above, the 1000 MB of bandwidth the client is allowed to use would be specified on a per month basis.

Some packages come with limited features. Limited features usually include e-mail accounts, databases, domain names, sub domains, and parked domains, etc. For instance, each client with a basic level package would be allowed one free domain name and 25 e-mail accounts associated with that domain name.

As a reseller gains more experience and their web hosting company grows, they can add more packages with more and better features. Packages that are designed with the client’s best interest in mind sell faster and make the reseller more money. Over time, the reseller can grow their web hosting company.

January 15, 2011

Become an Entrepreneur with GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting

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There are many reasons why some web hosting clients choose to go the route of reseller hosting. Some are looking for a way to make money, others have too much or extra space on their server and turn to reseller hosting as a way use the extra space, and some see reseller hosting as a business opportunity.

Someone who sees reseller hosting as a business opportunity and is looking for a way to supplement their income or start their own web hosting company needs to truly understand what reseller hosting is in order to be successful. Basically, reseller hosting is the same with all web hosting companies such as GreenGeeks, though reseller plans and their cost typically vary.

So what is reseller hosting? Reseller hosting is when a client of a web hosting company sections off parts of their hosting plan and resells it to someone else. The client sections off part of the server and sells sections at the price of their choosing. The only time a client can do this is if they themselves have signed up for a reseller hosting plan because this is exactly what a reseller hosting plan is designed for.

Many people that sign up for reseller hosting plans are entrepreneurs and trying to start their own web hosting company. This is a good way for entrepreneurs to start their own web hosting company because it allows them to build a list of their own clients, outline their own hosting plans, and set the price for their services.

Reseller hosting plans work well for both the entrepreneur and the original hosting company. First, the entrepreneur begins their own business under their own terms and conditions. They have the ability to market themselves as the original web hosting provider, build a brand and grow their business as they see fit.

The original web hosting company benefits also, because they are still making a profit under their own terms and conditions and are able to reach more clients through the entrepreneur. Though the entrepreneur is reselling their hosting plan and essentially becoming the salesmen, the original web hosting company gains more clientele and exposure.

Entrepreneurs make money through reseller hosting plans because they are basically repackaging a hosting plan from another company. This eliminates the need to purchase a server, rent or buy a data center, and make updates to the server on a regular basis. Buying a server, data center, paying employees to manage and monitor the sever, and provide customer service is extremely expensive. Repackaging the reseller hosting plan and marketing the start up web hosting company is much more affordable with hardly any overhead.

Many entrepreneurs use reseller hosting as supplemental income or a fraction of their web hosting business. Some entrepreneurs are really interested in web site design and development and offering web based solutions to companies marketing themselves online. Becoming a part of the reseller community is an added benefit and allows the entrepreneur to offer more from their web hosting company and reach out to a wider variety of clients on their own.